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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Week in Review


First, hello to all the government officials both in Estonia and abroad who are reading our blog. We've heard that our blog is being followed with interest by a number of them. Thanks for being open to our point of view.

Also hello to all the university students now following us. We've heard that our blog has become required reading in a number of entrepreneurship classes at universities in Estonia. We do plan to publish a few posts which focus on more than just tech startups, since some of us have expertise in other industries as well. Look for a post in the next few weeks with our analysis of whether Subway (yes, the sandwich shop) will survive in the Estonian market.

What's Coming

This past week, we've received a number of tips from readers, and we've also done more research on our own. Sadly, the situation is worse than expected. We've found a list of numerous failed startups, many funded with taxpayer money. The list is so long that we could write a few posts a week and have enough material to take us into 2014. At the same time, we found some startups we really like, and we'll profile those also, and provide our analysis of why we think they will do well.

We also noticed another worrying trend. With a number of startups, the person in the Founder/CEO role is also the Founder/CEO at a few other startups at the same time. We know that if we invested in a startup, we'd want the founders to focus 100% of their time on the company we invested in.

There's a lot more to report about, so stay tuned. On Monday, we'll write about an incubator that wasted over 600,000 euros with no results. Can anyone guess which one it is?

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